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Efficiency Energy Certificate

This is a compulsory document for renting or selling an apartment. Do not lose your time and your money, we manage it for you.


Habitability certificate

This is a compulsory document that confirms that your home has met the minimum conditions of habitability. We handle the processing and the certification of the document.


Mortgage calculator

Patrimonius offers you a mortgage simulator service. You just have to specify the amount, the amortization term and the interest rate that offers you the bank and we calculate the monthly fee of the mortgage or loan*.

*This values are always illustrative and they finally completely depend on each bank.

Buildings Technic Inspection

Our architects take care of the obligatory revision that all buildings must pass if they were built years ago.


Architecture and renovations

Our architects and designers will help you to transform your flat to what you have always dreamed about. We have an extensive experience in developing renovations and we try to express our enthusiasm on your projects.


Financial support

Due to the actual state of the financial market, we know that getting the conditions you are looking for your mortgage can become a nightmare. Here at Patrimonius we offer you the service of managing the processing or acceptance of your mortgage thanks to our strong collaboration with professionals in the sector.

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Rental insurance management

One of the main reasons why people do not rent apartments, is because they are scared of what kind of people will live in their homes. At Patrimonius we try to choose your best tenant and we help you with the insurances so that you can sleep peaceful.


Homes cleaning

If you need to clean or empty your flat, we handle it.



We are in contact with many companies on the sector, if you need to move we handle all the process for the best Price.


Foreigners consulting

Are you foreigner and you want to buy or rent an apartment in Barcelona without worries? Patrimonius can do it, contact us.

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